a Liberal Democrat,
I-Feminist (Individualistic Feminist)
and Holistic in approach

in London UK

Welcome to my blog:

I am a passionate member of the Liberal Democrats, and I am more towards the leaning of a political socio-philosophical thinker. Basically, it means as stated by another Libdem member very succulently:

“…the “big gob” strategy, which is basically what I do and many Lib Dems anyway. As it says on the tin: it basically involves having a big gob and sounding off on whatever the issue of the day is. People always want to know opinions on the days biggest stories…” (Eddie Sammon 7th Aug ’15 – 11:10pm – Tim Farron’s seven campaign priorities). That doesn’t mean you have to agree with them – far from it. But maybe keep in mind that on issues state whether you are opposed to the idea in principle, in practice, in sense of priority or in detail, and then proceed to argue from there. Liberal Democrats tolerance of an opposing point of view is a liberal virtue and this makes them distinctive.

And I am interested in civil liberties particularly under ‘the right to bodily integrity‘ which is about the “inviolability of the physical body and emphasises the importance of personal autonomy and the self-determination of human beings over their own bodies. It considers the violation of bodily integrity as an unethical infringement, intrusive, and most possibly criminal.”

Also on this blog I hope to express my views and opinions on current political issues within the UK, and in regards to collected works on Liberalism.  As well as expressing my liberal values as part of the Liberal Democrats fight-back on what we stand for.

And will only comment more so and support the political party that I am in, since I joined back in January 2015, who are the Liberal Democrats, which I feel so passionate about as a member and why I will always believe that there will be a need for the Liberal Democrats within British politics.

So I want to concentrate on a very small number of things. From a national political perspective my aims are:


  • Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Social Services
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Social Mobility
  • Qualify of Life


  • Getting the Lib Dems’ a bigger share of the vote by 2020.
  • Reform of the EU.
  • Promoting politics of honesty: with an independent review panel.
  • Increasing Lib Dems’ membership.
  • Diversity in UK Politics.
  • Making others aware what the Lib Dems’ stand for.
  • If I were standing for a position in politics it’d be in the area of an Education & Work manifesto as a joint platform of which to campaign. 


  • Campaigning for the BBC and Press to have daily bulletins on legislation being
    discussed by the Commission and EU parliament in line with all other EU member states.
  • For Personal Hygiene products: menstruation items for women exempt from VAT.
  • Campaigning against FGM.
  • For Mixed Race/Heritage children adoption rate increase.
  • Promoting Cultural Liberalism: defending the moral rights of non-conformists
    to express their own identity.
  • Civil partnership different-sex couples.
  • Campaigning for the Well-Being of UK citizens.
  • For Appointing an Ambassador for Religious Freedom.


  • Attended the Social Liberal Forum Conference 2015.
  • Joined Libdems’ social media groups.
  • Being listed as a contributor of the Libdem Voice bloggers.
  • Volunteered at the Liberal Democrats Headquarters: London Membership Phoning Event.

Why did I chose these activities? I don’t do populism (socialism) nor reactionary (conformity). Populist and conformity should be an irrelevant word in relation to campaigns and policy. Perhaps it should be instead: Wise? Relevant? Inclusive? Practical? Egalitarian? Fair? Financially responsible? Liberal?  As these are much better criteria’s to work with.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, for our liberalism is what makes us different and in our unity as a political party it makes us stronger in resilience.  For reconnecting with our members and reinvigorating ourselves is a must regarding our values and principles.

And I hope you are just as passionate about the future of our Country and liberal values being expressed within the UK.

Mavarine Abigail Du-Marie is a contributor to: Liberal Democrats Voice bloggers.